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by | Apr 20, 2018

How Can Occupational Therapy Benefit Seniors?

April is National Occupational Therapy Month, which means that there’s no better time to examine how occupational therapy can add enormous benefit to the lives of seniors of all abilities.

Who Needs Occupational Therapy?

Age brings all kinds of physical and mental challenges, from arthritis and strokes to depression and dementia. Seniors face sudden illnesses or injuries as well as chronic health issues that span decades. Many elderly adults reach the point where they are no longer able to perform all the basic tasks of daily living they once did.

Instead of the fully independent adults they’ve been for their entire lives, they are not dependent on family, friends and senior care assistants. Being dependent on someone for things like bathing, dressing, toileting, cleaning, driving and cooking can be demoralizing and even depressing for many aging adults. Occupational therapy is designed to teach elderly people how to take some of those lost skills back and regain some self-sufficiency and independence.

What are Occupational Therapists?

Occupational therapists teach seniors and disabled people how to overcome or adapt to physical and mental challenges that hinder daily life. They develop treatment plans based on the specifics of the person’s abilities and recommend procedures and techniques that help. They even have a range of adaptive devices that can ease some of the physical limitations their patients face.

Occupational therapists and their assistants actively assess an elderly person’s physical and cognitive ability. Then they use exercises, education, rehabilitation technique, environmental and behavioral modifications to make changes. They will also help educate elderly adults and their family caregivers as required. While the aging adults may never reach the point where they can be completely independent again, they will enjoy a higher quality of life at doing certain things by themselves in addition to the support of family members and senior care aides.

Occupational Therapy Benefits for Seniors

  • Daily living brings many challenges for seniors that occupational therapy can help with. Here are just a few examples of occupational therapy solutions:
  • Boost physical ability by showing patients stretches and exercises for both fine and gross motor skills. Senior can learn how to conserve their energy, carry things properly and when to ask for help from family members and senior care aides.
  • Optimize the environment by making it friendlier to the person’s disabilities. Examples include grab bars in the shower and by the toilet, easy-grip utensils, and eliminating things in the home that may contribute to a slip and fall accident.
  • Educate the patients, family members and friends on better and more efficient ways to help the elderly person accomplish daily tasks. Family members can use the information to make better decisions for their loved one’s care.

There’s no doubt that occupational therapy for elderly adults can assist the in achieving their own goals for how they want to live their life day in and day out. No matter what physical or mental challenges they are dealing with, some visits with an occupational therapist can inspire independence and achievements large and small.

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About the Author, Carrie Ballard:

Golden Years In-Home Senior Care was founded by Ken and Carrie Ballard. Their passion for providing compassionate quality care for seniors began years ago, when they assisted in the operations of their family’s home care facilities. It was there, they realized their life long calling. Even at a young age, they both knew caring for seniors was what they wanted to do.


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