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Thank you for contacting our in-homecare organization. We genuinely appreciate your interest in our services and recognize the importance of finding the best possible care for your loved one. Our team is committed to providing excellent care. We will call you shortly to discuss your loved one’s needs and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to working with you to offer compassionate, trustworthy, and competent care for your loved one. We are delighted that you choose our homecare business, and we are honored to assist your family.

Our Process

Now that you have contacted us, here is what you can expect.

We have briefly outlined our in-home care process below in three easy steps. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us! Our friendly staff is standing by!

We look forward to collaborating with you to bring care to your family!


Step 1

Now that you’ve emailed us, we will call you at the requested time to have a conversation about how we can help. During that conversation, we will answer any questions that you have and provide information on our company and initial direction on how we can provide care that meets your needs.


Step 2

The next step is a complimentary in-home assessment, during which we will visit the home of your loved one who needs care. We will discuss in detail the services needed and ask questions to help us get to know the person who needs care. We will seek to learn about their personality, interests, hobbies, and cultural background. After the assessment, we will work on creating your customized care plan for you to review.


Step 3

We will match your loved one with the caregiver that best suits his or her care, needs, and personality. On the first day, we will come to your home with our caregiver and make the first introductions. Rest assured, our caregiver will have reviewed the care plan and be ready to hit the ground running.

Privately Owned, Locally Established

As a privately-owned local company, Golden Years is well equip to adapt to each client’s needs on an individualized basis. We are not a franchise.
And because we are local, we are able to consult our care team concerning our clients care needs in a quick and efficient way. Our clients are our first priority. Nothing is more important to us than providing superior quality care for you or your loved.

Intensive Caregiver Training

At this time California has very few state requirements for caregivers. For this reason, many home care providers are not obligated to hire caregiver with formal training.
Golden Years always goes above and beyond the minimum requirements to ensure your loved one receives the best care possible. Each Golden Years caregiver completes Golden Years Academy, an orientation training program which ensures our caregivers have a complete understanding of all the essential care techniques. This provides for a safe, and effective home care experience.

Immediate Caregiver Response Time

Golden Years is available by phone 24/7.

Local Golden Years representatives are available to meet with clients for any reason.

We are here for you, at your convenience, to discuss any care needs or concerns. And we will create a customized solution for any care concern. In addition, we can schedule an in person meeting any day, and most times, available within a few hours. Lastly, we are available during the day, evening, or weekends. We will work around your schedule.

With Golden Years, clients and professional care partners can call anytime to speak with live staff 24/7.

Complimentary Nurse Wellness Visits

Every client receives a complimentary wellness visit within 30 days of care service from Golden Years' own nursing staff.

Although no regulations require nurse oversight in California, Golden Years goes above and beyond the industry standard. Our clients are routinely visited by a Golden Years nurse. Each visit consists of a wellness check where our nurse discusses care needs and takes notes pertaining to the overall wellness of the client. These notes are submitted to our care team for review, where care changes are discussed and implemented after the family’s approval. We go the extra mile to ensure your loved one receives the best care possible. We ca say with confidence, you won’t find any other locally owned care provider who will care for you or your loved one like us – By the way, there is never a fee for this service, it’s always free.

Specialized Care Management Program

At Golden Years In-Home Care, each client is assigned a dedicated Care Manager, ensuring personalized care that is second to none. This manager is available for questions, support, and scheduling changes.

Care Managers develop personal relationships with clients and their families, gaining insight into specific preferences and needs. This allows for effective communication, ensuring caregivers follow the care plan and adjust as needed.

Care Managers oversee caregivers, arrange services, make supervisory visits to seniors' homes, and conduct monthly wellness calls to families. They are specially trained to handle all client requests, providing comprehensive support for every client.